It is the policy of MBC Staffing to strive for the highest safety standards.

Safety does not occur by chance but is the result of careful attention to all company operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved. Employees at all levels must work diligently to execute the company's policy of maintaining safety and occupational health.
  • Regard for the safety of MBC Staffing Associates and the employees of our customers is the most important responsibility of our organization. We intend to prevent any accidental injury, property damage, fire damage and occupational illness. Accidents, even minor ones cause pain, both physical and mental. The prevention of injury and illness is MBC Staffing's ultimate goal.
  • On their first day, a review of specific safety procedures and requirements will be discussed, as well as task specific hazards and controls that the new associate needs to understand. Topics include:
    Hazardous elements specific to the workplace, including hazardous materials, machinery, or noise.
    Hazard control measures such as administrative or engineering controls, safe operating procedures and personal protective equipment.
    Emergency response procedures, evacuation routes, and access to medical assistance.

Accident Investigation Procedures

In collaboration with your safety team, all accidents will be investigated. Procedures will be instituted and communicated to all associates to mitigate future incidents.

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